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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine


Welcome to our introductory course in medical AI. Originally delivered live in 2021. It is divided into streams to help focus your learning depending on your prior experience and interest.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Designed for those in medicine who are interested in learning more about how Artificial Intelligence can be used in their field

Introduction to Medicine
and Medical Data

Designed for those in Computing Sciences interested in how Artificial Intelligence can be applied to the field of Medicine

Learn to use Artificial Intelligence

Designed for beginners who have some coding experience but have never used Python's Keras Library before

Introduction to AI in Medicine

Introducing the concept of artificial intelligence and its role in medicine.

Lecture A1: Intro to AI and Neural Networks

Learn the basics of AI and Neural Networks. What are they and how do they work?

Lecture A2: Working with Data

Learn how data is used when working with AI models in the context of medicine.

Lecture A3: Assessing Performance

Learn how to assess performance of a machine learning model.

Lecture A4: Advanced Architectures

Learn about some of the more advanced architectures used in machine learning.

Lecture A5: Medical Data Types

Learn about common types of medical data.

Lecture B1: Flow of Information in Patient Care

Learn how information and data are collected along patient's journey through the medical system.

Lecture B2: Domains of Medicine & Data Types 1

Learn about health data and AI in family medicine, primary care, and public health.

Lecture B3: Domains of Medicine & Data Types 2

Learn about Internal Medicine, Pharmacy, Surgery, Pathology, Radiology and the types of data they generate.

Lecture B4: Domains of Medicine & Data Types 3

Learn about Psychiatry, Precision Health, Genetics, and the types of data they generate.

Lecture B5: AI in Healthcare Logistics

Learn about the importance of logistics in healthcare and how AI can help.

Closing Lecture: Explainability, Privacy, Ethics, and the Future of AI

Learn about explainability, privacy, ethics, and the future of AI in medicine.

Workshop 1: Intro to coding in Python

In this workshop we introduce the basics of coding in Python

Workshop 2: Introduction to Cloud Computing with Google Colab

Learn how to utilize cloud computing in Google Colab for machine learning.

Workshop 3: Introduction to Keras

Learn how to build an AI model using Keras

Workshop 4: Data Pre-Processing in Python

Learn how to properly prepare your data before using it to train an AI model.

Workshop 5: Optimizing your AI model

Discover the key techniques and strategies to enhance the performance and efficiency of your AI models. Learn how to fine-tune hyperparameters, select appropriate optimization algorithms, and implement regularization techniques.

Workshop 6: Detecting COVID19 Pneumonia with AI

Combine all the skills from the previous workshops to build an AI model that can diagnose COVID pneumonia from X-ray images.

Workshop 7: How to Evaluate a Medical AI Study

Learn how to read, interpret and critique a medical AI study.

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