UAlberta Elections

Monday, April 19 2021
Election Period Opens at 1300h
Monday, May 3 2021
New executive committee announced at 1700h



    Friday, April 30 2021
       Election period closes at 1300

AIMSS Executive Committee

To be on the executive committee you must be a University of Alberta student in the Fall 2021 / Winter 2022 school year.


A successful applicant should be able to commit to bi-weekly meetings and collaborate with other executive members to organize and coordinate AIMSS events. We encourage everyone interested to apply regardless of their background.

Election is closed 

Available Positions

  • President (2 positions) *

  • Treasurer *

  • VP internal 

  • VP external 

  • VP operations

  • VP communications

  • Secretary

  • Logistics and Support

* limited to applicants with 1 year experience in AIMSS executive committee 

New Executive Committee


Hello, thank you for taking the time to participate in our election cycle! My name is Sarah Davis, and I am running for re-election as the co-president (non-MD) of AIMSS for the 2021/2022 academic year. I have been studying at the intersection of medicine and AI since my bachelor's in Biological Sciences, a pursuit I am continuing as a second-year Computing Science master's student. My vision for AIMSS in the coming year includes both strengthening our plans for national and international expansion, as well as ensuring the club is well-prepared to make a triumphant return to in-person activity. As someone involved with AIMSS UAlberta since its inception in 2019, I am beyond excited to see what another year will bring!


Hey! My name is David Li and I am running for the Treasurer position for the upcoming 2021-2022 year. As a 4th year civil engineering student with an interest in clinical research, I consider my approach to AI and medicine to be quite unique. The collaboration between these fields will lead to new solutions that will solve problems too complex for each field individually and I think AIMSS is a wonderful place to get involved. With the possibility of in-person activities, I envision AIMSS to expand on our pilot AI in Medicine curriculum, create new opportunities for hands-on projects, and continue to be a space for collaboration between faculty members, students, physicians, and industry partners. As a previous executive member, I hope to continue the development of this organization and I look forward to the exciting things we will accomplish together!


Hello everyone! My name is Harish Prabhakar and I am running for secretary for the upcoming year. As a third year Computing Science student minoring in Bioinformatics, my immersion in the field of medical digitalization stems from the interest in applications of blockchain technologies in healthcare and the ever-increasing integration of AI in patient data analysis. I envision AIMSS this following academic year to involve its members in enriching experiences through a set of speaker series, workshops, and the third annual symposium-all of these which will be engaging to everyone regardless of background. As a team member who has been with AIMSS for two years, I would like to continue to do my part in ensuring UofA community members are not left behind in this growing field!

VP External

I am an undergraduate student studying immunology that has experience with a few projects involving computational psychiatry as well as some competitions like NeuroNexus 2021. I have been studying data science and machine learning for almost 2 years with the help of some close friends and online courses. With the goal of becoming more involved and meeting like-minded people, I am running for VP external as well as VP operations at AIMSS. I feel that I am very self-driven, bring strong interpersonal and leadership skills. I also have experience as VP sponsorship with campus UNICEF where I initiated new connections with other student groups and organizations to help plan various events on and off campus. I really enjoyed learning from all the guest speakers at the symposium and if possible, I would love to contribute my time with AIMSS next year planning similar events in collaboration with other student groups on campus. 

VP Internal

Hi my name is Mai and I am in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Science in Immunology and Infection. I am immensely passionate about learning how artificial intelligence can intersect with medicine. As a Team Lead for Simon Fraser University, I was able to demonstrate my abilities to communicate with the public through the conduction of interviews with youth from my city on virtual platforms. Additionally, as President for Robogals, a club that provides STEM outreach workshops to children, I have led numerous school-based workshops. As a self-directed role, I increased the club presence by presenting at elementary schools, reaching over 50 youth around Edmonton. Not only did I lead, supervise, and organize supplies for the workshops, I also trained and recruited volunteers to for each event. In addition, I am interested in furthering the opportunities for AIMSS to promote the applications of AI through the collaboration of AIMSS with other university groups., with my experiences, I believe I will be able to effectively meet the goals of AIMSS.

VP Operations

Hi everyone, my name is Rafay and I am running for the positions of VP Operations and VP External. I am the former VP External for AIMSS, the current President for Canadian NextGen Lifeline, and the former VP Logistics for eWHO. Having played a key role in the AI in Healthcare Symposium 2021, I have developed a keen understanding of its timeline. Coupling that with my project management experiences (eg. multiple city wide stem cell drives, basketball tournaments, and other symposiums) puts me in a strong position to ensure our next events are as successful - if not more. Moreover, I am a big proponent of developing a deeper sense of community within AIMSS. As we transition in the new school year, I look forward to facilitating a research day, community AI in medicine related challenges, and improving the quality of our current events as your next VP Operations. Conversely, for VP External I would be eager to continue being the point of contact for many extraneous parties. As AIMSS grows, its need for strong networks and connections becomes increasingly important and I would be honoured to assist with that. As VP external, I would also be eager to garner feedback from our community members regarding what kinds of collaborations they would like to see with researchers, companines, and other student groups - and see those to fruition as best as possible. I look forward to meeting you all more, and thank you for your considerations!

VP Communications

Hi, my name's Justin, and I'm an incoming graduate student at the University of Alberta in Computing Science. I previously served as the president and VP external of the Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Society, where I helped with most parts of the club's organization, including managing social media and sending out newsletters. I'm interested in working with the team in AIMSS in either the VP internal or VP communications role, to extend upon the work I did in UAIS with a new focus on medicine. For the next year for AIMSS, I'd love to continue to see talks and workshops on applying AI in medicine, and I'd love to find ways to get students at every level of their study involved. I hope you'll consider me for this position, and I look forward to meeting you all soon! 

VP Logistics

Hello everyone! My name is Chun Xiao and I am running for VP Operations and Treasurer. In the 2021-22 school year, I will be a 3rd year biochemistry undergraduate student. I have been part of the AIMSS exec team since its inception in 2019, and I have filled the Logistics Officer role in past years. If you’ve been part of our club, you might have seen me sending memes in the Discord, during the symposium, or maybe you’ve attended one of the workshops I gave for our AI in Medicine Course! I have a lot of experience organizing our various events, and if elected, I will be sure to kee