Meet the Team


Medical student with a background in Neuroscience. His research focus includes neuroregeneration and investigations of spinal locomotor networks.

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Shane Eaton
VP External
Rafay Osmani

Rafay is an undergraduate cell biology student with an interest in coding. He is eager to see AI's role in prosthetics and biophysics.

Sarah Davis

Computing science graduate student with a research background in patient-specific survival and readmission prediction, NLP-assisted cancer transcriptome pattern recognition, and statistical heritability.

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VP Internal

Undergraduate student majoring in computing science and minoring in bioinformatics. Rehab is interested in integrating her computing skills to help create solutions to biological problems within the health care domain.

Rehab El-Hajj
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Nicolas Carpenter

Undergraduate computing science major, minoring in statistics, with an interest in machine learning and predictive analytics’ use in medicine. He has taught computer science fundamentals through the TeamUp science organization

VP Communication

Undergraduate student with a major in psychology and a minor in math. Reihaneh is a science mentor and is interested in the applications of AI in precision medicine

Reihaneh Abtahi
Harish Prabhakar

As an aspiring full-stack software developer, Harish is interested in being part of the drive of the integration of AI into common everyday applications. He is currently majoring in Computing Science and minoring in Bioinformatics.


Chun Xiao is an undergraduate student in biochemistry. She has volunteered with organizations such as Science FUNdamentals and UA-WiSE and is interested in AI assisted disease diagnostics.

Chun Xiao
David Li

David is an engineering student with a background in biomedical research. He is interested in how artificial intelligence and machine learning can impact the future of clinical research. He is currently working on a project involving tissue engineering.

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