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Monday, April 6 2020
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Sunday, April 12 2020
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Wednesday, April 15 2020
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Monday, April 13 2020
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Friday, April 17 2020
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AIMSS Executive Committee

To be on the executive committee you must be a University of Alberta student in the Fall 2020 / Winter 2021 school year.


A successful applicant should be able to commit to bi-weekly meetings and collaborate with other executive members to organize and coordinate AIMSS events. We encourage everyone interested to apply regardless of their background.

Election results

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Available Positions

  • President (2 positions) *

  • Treasurer *

  • VP internal 

  • VP external 

  • VP communications

  • Secretary

  • Logistics and Support

* limited to applicants with 1 year experience in AIMSS executive committee 





As co-founder and past president, I hope to remain in the role for another term in order to fully establish the club as it was initially envisioned. AIMSS is still a new club (not even a year old!) and although we had a fantastic start, there is still more to be done before it reaches its full potential. My plan going forward is to finish expanding to become a national organization with local university chapters, and become more integrated with the local Edmonton AI community, hosting more meet-ups (virtual if needed), educational events and workshops. I also intend to establish a project team with the goal of tackling a healthcare problem utilizing AI (watch out COVID-19, we are coming for you!). And of course we will have some fun side projects too! I hope to have your vote, and I am looking forward to seeing some new faces in the club!


Hi! My name is Sarah Davis, thank you for taking the time to participate in our elections process. This will be my second term serving as an executive of the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Student Society and I could not be more excited to run for a co-presidentship position.

I am currently completing the fourth and final year of my undergraduate degree as a biological sciences major and computing science minor, and I will be starting my M.Sc. in computing science at the University of Alberta this fall. Precision health is my passion – I am working with Dr. Russell Greiner (Department of Computing Science and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute), Dr. David Wishart (Department of Biology), and Dr. Ilbin Lee (Alberta School of Business) on projects such as patient-specific survival prediction, NLP topic-modeling techniques applied to the cancer transcriptome, demystifying the missing heritability problem, and 30-day unplanned hospital readmission prediction using Alberta Health Services data. I believe having an interdisciplinary approach to these difficult problems is crucial, and I am very fortunate to be working with students and faculty members from so many different backgrounds.

I am so proud of how far AIMSS has come in just one short year, and I would be honoured to continue helping it grow as co-president during the 2020-21 academic year.



Hi! My name is Nicolas Carpenter, and I'm a third year Computing Science student and I was previously the Event Operations Manager for AIMSS. As Treasurer, I would aim to strive for excellence in three categories: - Organization - Attention to detail - Communication The finances of the group are what keep it running, therefore it is important that everything is completed correctly, on time, and that everyone is on the same page. From my time as a Residence Assistance I have gained an appreciation of the importance all three of these skills have together, as in a team setting you cannot have one without the other. Also, throughout my experience with organizing events, such as last years AIMSS Symposium as well as TeamUp Science’s Interdisciplinary Science Competition, I have learned that success in any event requires transparency. This is to ensure that everyone and everything is being used to its full potential. Consequently, I would prioritize transparency as a key value of the portfolio, therefore members would be able to see and critique how our funds are being spent. Thank you for considering me for this position!

VP internal


Hi, My name is Rehab El-Hajj. Coming this fall I will be a 4th-year CS major, bioinformatics minor. I am running to be the next AIMSS VP internal! My experience for this position is that I have been an exec for AIMSS for the past year and have learned a lot about hosting successful events and communicating those events to students etc. I have also been an internal director for a different student group on campus (NORDSA) this past year so I feel more experienced for such a position. I am interested in being an exec for AIMSS not only because it's **super cool** but of course also because AI in medicine is one of my biggest interests and I want to incorporate that interest outside of my classes and be able to host/participate in relevant events. Experience and passion make a strong exec and that's exactly what I'm offering, so vote for Rehab to be your next AIMSS VP internal!

VP external


As VP external my goals are to increase general volunteer participation and involvement, facilitate interactions with other student clubs for collaborations, and to develop and maintain relationships with relevant corporations.

My understanding is that the amount of involvement of general volunteers is limited and this creates complications in matters of volunteer availability and executive turnover. Having a two tiered approach focusing on volunteer recruitment and then volunteer participation. Initially, exposure to classes will most efficiently interest students early on - in addition of course, to clubs fair, postering, and social media. Secondly, increased information booths and other regular events will allow the general body to engage with the club. Information booths would need to be supplemented with training sessions and a team building event.

Next, by beginning discussions in advance with corporations will allow them to have an appropriate amount of time to confirm participation at the symposium. Moreover, I think it is important to formulate the ideal ensemble of booths and have multiple options to fulfill each niche. This ensures that we are able to deliver the most holistic experience and express our mission statement as accurately as possible. Lastly, it is important to prepare appreciation remarks for corporations post-event, as this encourages returning participation and helps establish a network that can be used for future events.

VP communications


Communication is a crucial part of each organization to expand the organization, find creative ideas from the outside, and enhance the skills regarding the goals that members of society try to achieve. As a VP Communicator, by using new technologies and strategies I promise to extend the communication to present AIMSS' ideas and interests in the best way to have a very organize and collaborative society and enhance the effectiveness and glory of AIMSS.



Previously I have been involved with AIMSS with hosting and planning events such as AI in Healthcare 2020 Symposium and the Explainable AI for Healthcare Debate. Building on these experiences I intend to streamline and introduce various new events including workshops and information sessions. These events would be led by the technical expertise of our team while being open to all disciplines.

One of my goals will be to ensure that members of AIMSS have a solid network of undergraduates, postgraduates, and industry professionals. Moreover, having made connections with the School of Public Health during the 2019-2020 term, I intend to expand opportunities for graduate and professional students to involve themselves in speaker events and presentations. I aim to be as responsive as possible to members in our organization by being the best point of contact. As your Secretary, I hope to bring these benefits to every member in our community.

Voting closed!

new executive committee will

be announced Friday evening!

Logistics & Support


The idea of AIMSS is so interesting because it represents an interdisciplinary field with so much potential moving forward. As someone who is so passionate about exploring and learning new things, I believe I have many things to offer for this organization. One of the fundamental pillars of this organization is to provide a space for students to come together, learn from each other, and share ideas. This notion of learning from each other in an interdisciplinary matter is so crucial, especially today where information is so overwhelming diverse, and abundantly available. I believe that with my previous experiences in research and abroad, I am able to bring forth a new and interesting perspective to share. Additionally, AIMSS aims to educate individuals about this emerging field through facilitated workshops, talks, and mentorship opportunities. When learning is such a fundamental part of my life and certainly the lives of the passionate individuals in this organization, I believe we all have something valuable we can gain at the end of the day. Thus by applying for this organization, I am hoping to share my knowledge and experiences, but more importantly, I'm hoping to learn from the incredible people that made this organization possible. I seriously look forward to the world-changing conversations we will have together!


My name is Chun Xiao, and in the 2020-2021 school year I will be going into my second year of undergraduate studies in Biochemistry. I was an AIMSS executive member last year, so I have experience organizing events and working with other team members. I understand what makes an AIMSS event work well. I helped to organize the First Annual AI in Healthcare Symposium, as well as the AIMSS booth at Science FUNday, and I was also responsible for coordinating volunteers during the Symposium. I can get things done. In 2020, I also helped organize the 6th Annual BTA for UA-WiSE and volunteered with Science FUNdamentals. Thanks to these experiences, I have practice being detail-oriented, self-directed, and personable. If I am elected to the exec team again next year, some of my goals for AIMSS would be to recruit more general members, hold more regular meetings, and increase the number of networking events especially. I think facilitating collaboration is important. AIMSS is about an intersection between disciplines, and we should help learners and innovators find the resources or connections they need. We’ve done some very cool things in just our first year as a student group; I want increase our presence on campus so that we can have an even better second year!