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Artificial Intelligence




Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
in Medicine

Introductory lectures about artificial intelligence, medical data, and medicine as it is practiced today. 

Live Schedule (2022)


Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Exploratory lectures of how artificial intelligence is used today to solve medical and healthcare-related problems

*Registration for the live lecture series is now closed. For access to the live lectures, please contact us at Otherwise, previous recorded lectures and workshops can be found below.  

An introduction to neural networks through linear regression, loss functions, gradient descent, outputs, activation functions, and learning rates

Consolidating electronic health records, unstructured information, limitations and benefits

French Literature

Vodcast coming soon

Stock Market Quotes

An overview of data quality, splitting data into training/validation/test sets, overfitting, dropouts, preprocessing, augmentation, and bias

An introduction to how AI can be used to understand protein folding and accelerate the creation process of drug design.

Doctor Examining CT Scan

Vodcast coming soon

Stock Market

Vodcast coming soon

This lecture runs through the basics of using learning curves, confusion matrices, ROC, and optimization techniques

An introduction to the incredibly complex bluebrints of life and how AI can be used to hack the genome


Vodcast coming soon


An overview of convoluted neural networks, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, long short-term memory, and more!

How can AI be used in the critical care setting? This lecture introduces the applications of AI in critical care, ICU, and  the COVID-19 pandemic

Knee Joint Examination

What do physicians actually do? This lectures run through the flow of patient information: Presentation, history, physical exam, investigations, assessment, plan, and prognosis

An introduction to the applications of AI in psychiatry and mental health

Data + drug
performance + genomics
architec + ICU
patient + psych
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